Privacy Statement

Last Updated: Feb 12 2017

SGBiz Chat is a mobile chat application aimed at connecting consumers and businesses efficiently. SGBiz Chat is powered by See Chat technology from Winimy Pte Ltd.

SGBiz Chat is an application delivered by Medianusa Pte Ltd. Medianusa Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company. To simplify this disclosure, “Company” and "We" means Medianusa Pte Ltd. "Our" or "Us" refers to Medianusa Pte Ltd, when appropriate. "You" means the person using or interested in using the SGBiz Chat application and services. "SGBiz Chat service" or "our service" means the service provided by Medianusa Pte Ltd with SGBiz Chat application, including the mobile app or application, messaging service and data, cloud storage service, associated features and functionalities, websites (of Medianusa and SGBiz Chat), user interfaces, and email communication infrastructure.

We are providing the below information for you to make a well informed decision on whether you want to use SGBiz Chat app, SGBiz Chat website, and/or any of SGBiz Chat services. We have tried to keep it simple and most easily understandable.

This privacy policy describes your information collected, used, and shared while using SGBiz Chat app.

This privacy policy can change over time, and latest privacy policy can always be accessed at

If you do not agree to our policy or practices, please do not use the SGBiz Chat app or interact with SGBiz Chat websites and services.

Information collected

SGBiz Chat app collects your phone number, a password provided by you, and an email address provided by you during app registration.
For business registration, business specific information such as your email business address, a mobile phone number associated with the business, physical address of the business and virtual address (website) of the business is collected.

SGBiz Chat app to provide optimal and satisfactory service will require access to Photos or Photo Gallery or Photo Library, Camera, Microphone, local time of last usage, and Network services. SGBiz Chat will periodically access these to keep the application updated with the latest information.

SGBiz Chat app may collect application specific usages such as crash logs to optimize or debug application related issues.

Information usage

Phone number collected is used to identify you and your device to provide service. Password and email are collected to aid us with any communication between SGBiz Chat technical support and you. It can be used for verification of identity and prevention of fraud or illegal activities.

Crash logs could be shared with entities beyond us to help debug technical issues, develop or improve SGBiz Chat or related products or services.

Monitor the usage trends for improving SGBiz Chat application and services.

SGBiz Chat app collects the local time of last usage of the application. This information is disclosed to individuals or business entities when they attempt to chat with you.

We may share your information with third party providers or contracted development firms if necessary or needed to develop, enhance or maintain the SGBiz Chat app or service.

Things we do not do

We do not intend to sell your personal email and phone number collected to any third party companies.

Why and when we may disclose your information

We may or may be forced to release your information and any message exchanges that may be still residing on our servers if required to do so by law.

We may disclose your information, history of activities, or any message exchanges if residing on our servers to assist government enforcement agencies or when it is necessary to comply with state laws, federal laws, country or international law, or respond to a court order, subpoena, warrant or equivalent.

We reserve the right to disclose your information if it is brought to our knowledge that Terms of Use is being violated, or your actions create liability or legal implications on us or impacts our brand reputation.


We do not direct our application and services to children and anyone under 16. If you are under the age of 16, please do not use our application and services.


Any privacy questions that is not addressed can be clarified by writing an email to [email protected]

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